Susana Ellis
Historical Romance Author

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Susana Ellis

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A Twelfth Night tale
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From the time she learned to read, Susana has loved nothing more than immersing herself in a make-believe world where she could be a lost princess waiting for her prince, Nancy Drew solving mysteries with her boyfriend Ned, or a Regency heroine waltzing in a ballroom with a dashing suitor.
The more she read, the more stories danced around in her head, demanding to be told. She began by entertaining her sister and brother during household tasks, and then when two younger sisters came along, she'd make up stories about soap suds while they were in the bath.
While she read a wide variety of romance, her favorite was always historical. Flowing silk gowns, glittering ballrooms, elegant carriages, and the fireworks at Vauxhall gardens appealed to her imagination in a way that modern romance could not. She could never get enough of feisty heroines and rakish heroes and their journeys to Happy-Ever-After Land.

Eventually, she had read so many historical romances that she thought she'd like to try writing some of her own. In fact, she's doing it full-time now, and having the time of her life! She hopes her readers enjoy them too.


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