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 Treasuring Theresa Book Cover
A Twelfth Night Tale Book Cover
Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles Book Cover

Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles
Camp Followers in the Peninsular War (Catherine Curzon)
A Celebration of Waterloo: The Romance and Harry and Juana Smith (Susana's Parlour)
A Celebration of Waterloo: The Battle of Salamanca (Susana's Parlour)
A Celebration of Waterloo: Wellington's Exploring Officers (Susana's Parlour)
Feature: The League of Rogues (Lauren Smith)
An Eagle of a Different Kind (Heather King)
Writing Super Heroes: Susana Ellis (Maria Grace)
Apsley House: Number One London (Susanna Ives)
The Story of Lord Uxbridge's Leg (Téa Cooper)
Feature: SOS Aloha (Kim in Baltimore)
Stratfield Saye: A Gift to the Iron Duke from a Grateful Nation (Alina K. Field)
A Celebration of Waterloo: The Duchess of Richmond's Ball (Victoria Hinshaw)
A Word about Spanish and Portuguese Camp Followers (Kathryn Kane)
A Celebration of Waterloo: The Prince of Orange (Susana's Parlour)
Some Insights on the Duke of Wellington (Regency Ramble)

Teatime Tattler 
The Ultimate Escape by Lady Julia Tate

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