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The Bluestocking Belles

Who are the Bluestocking Belles?
We are a group of ten Regency romance authors working together to bring our readers new books and advance the historical romance genre, and also to raise awareness of "bluestockings" around the world.

As a group, we support international awareness of the Malala Fund for girls' education and Malala Yousafzai's #TheLast campaign, so we will be creating projects designed specifically to generate global support for the education of young women and children. Please consider making a donation via our Malala team.

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We have a lot of exciting things coming to our readers in the months to come!

What's a Bluestocking?
The term "bluestocking" refers to an intellectual or literary woman. In the 19th century it was a derisive term used for women who sought to rise above the role designated for them as wives, mothers, and decorative objects. For more information on the origin of the term, check out this link to a blog post on Susana's Parlour.

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